Fri Oct 06 2006 It is 12:47pm Texas time. This morning around 10:00AM, I had 3 pieces of bread(I suppo 售屋網sed to have 2 pieces of 酒店兼職 bread, the one extra's the small p 建築設計iece of one of the ends parts), a banana, a cup of hot chocolate 房屋買賣and a small ice cream bar. I will come back to write more as soon as possible aft 591er any more food I may take. It is 18:55 Texas time. I had Vietnam noodle soup and watermelon for dinner 租屋. I got a trouble with my car, it could not start, fortunately Lexus road service arrived within the time promised and so 酒肉朋友lved the problem as expected, though we missed my son's piano lesson, I am glad we arrived home before the day getting dark. I am alone most time 西裝 at home.  I know it will be happy if I can have the opportunity to be with my sweet heart Jone Lee together;  Yet I also know that I am lucky ALREA 宜蘭民宿DY now that I don't need to face JungShiau Lin in front of me. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 買屋  .

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